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Domestic Abuse Dynamics: Identifying and Breaking the Abuse Cycle

Verbal Abuse Battering: How to Step Out of the Line of

Abusive Conditioning
 through Narcissistic
Emotional Abuse

Spiritual, Psychological & Emotional Healing from Domestic Abuse

Effective Domestic Violence
Counseling and Treatment

Psychosocial Politics of Legal
Domestic Abuse, Custody and

Best Practices for Helping Loved
Ones in Toxic Abusive

The Intimate Partner Abuse Screen® was developed by Dr. Jeanne King, PhD to help people identify the subtle communication and interaction patterns characteristic of intimate partner abuse. It has helped thousands of people worldwide awaken to how intermittent violence and chronic narcissistic abuse live in their lives. People taking the Intimate Partner Abuse Screen® often recognize what maintains and what interrupts the insidious cycle of domestic abuse. 

About Dr.King

The first book she wrote on the subject, All But My Soul: Abuse Beyond Control became a college textbook in criminal justice. Since this time, she has published 12 eBooks and 544 articles on identifying, ending and healing from physical, narcissistic, emotional and verbal abuse.
She is a licensed psychologist of 39 years (at the time of this writing).

This background gives her the benefit of understanding the psychosocial dynamics that bind abusive relationships, as well as the mechanics of healing relationship abuse and personal violation.

Dr. King practices what she teaches daily. This is especially important when it comes to energy psychology, in general. She has maintained a sitting meditation practice for 47 years and taught EEG clinical biofeedback and self-regulation for over 25 years.

But all of her knowledge about domestic violence and domestic abuse healing doesn’t come from the hundreds of books she has read or from the people she  has helped. It also comes from the fact that she, too, lived the nightmare of being a protective parent and intimate partner abuse survivor. Dr. King knows this syndrome from the inside out, and she knows how hard it is to find professional help that truly understands the actual inner ache of domestic violence, the politics of legal domestic abuse and the principles of psychological healing—all in the same professional.

She truly understands how important it is for you to end and heal from intimate partner abuse: emotionally, physically and psychologically. And she knows how important it will ultimately be for you and your family to live in peace.
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